Often, what brings you joy can exhaust you the most — mothers and children, teachers and students, us and our blog. Thankful as we are, sometimes life moves too quickly and right now is an especially hectic time. We always want to bring you thoughtful stories and recipes that are fine tuned all the way down to the last period. So, we're taking a short break to get caught up and we'll be back to our normal posting schedule on June 1st. 

Although we aren't sharing a recipe this week, take a small lesson from us; fix yourself a nice dinner, go to bed early one night, or spend a few extra minutes reading. Embrace your humanness and pay attention to your needs — be brave enough to tell yourself to slow down. For now, have a small look at what we've been up to. (We've been busy, to say the least.) We will be back soon with lots of stories, recipes, and adventures that you won't want to miss — stay tuned! 


Morgan & KT