We met & quickly became each other's sanity during our last year studying photojournalism at Western Kentucky University. A sassy and driven pair we are. Time in the kitchen is one of our shared love languages — we always found ourselves cooking dinner together during the week and planning brunch menus for each Saturday.

Now, over 2,000 miles apart, we’ve created Cora & Louise — a blog name born from the admiration we share toward both of our grandmothers. We hope to gracefully maneuver our way around the kitchen until we know half as much as they do — we will be following some of their recipes and techniques along the way. Whether it be a huge success or a hilarious fumble you'll find it all here. Enjoy! xo

Hi! I’m Katie, my friends spell it KT.  I’m into giving tight hugs, reading cookbooks, taking naps, writing in ALL CAPS and talking really fast.  I’m always hungry, dreaming about dinner parties and I think anytime is a good time for coffee.  I was born and raised in Kentucky where I learned how to cook from many wonderful women.  I think that feeding people is one of the most fundamental & tangible ways I can love them — I hope to spend the rest of my days getting better at just that.  If I’m not experimenting in my kitchen, you can find me traveling & eating my way through new cities — and probably taking a few photos along the way.

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Hi! I’m Morgan! While I believe there are dozens of reasons I cherish my time in the kitchen, I think growing up in Texas and being surrounded by so many women with recipe books as big as their hearts is likely number one. I am a connoisseur of the in-between bits that life gives us and I am lucky that I am given them so often. Learning about all of the ways people feed the ones they love is how I most like to spend my time. Always learning and always listening. 

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